Protein concentrates and milk powders


Agrocomplex is a family-owned business with modern structure, established in 1989.
We specialise in the production and sale of dry dairy products, in particular caseinates, casein, whey powder, powdered milk and milk mixtures.

Our company has its own production facilities which allow us to provide a high-quality product offer.

We take pride in the continuous improvement of our production plants. Constant market research allows us to implement modern technologies. It also ensures the highest environmental protection standards. Additionally, this research helps us maintain the top quality standards.

Our company’s customers are served by well-qualified personnel. We have an extensive logistics and distribution centre. For the sake of better cooperation conditions, we’ve opened offices in the USA and Asia.

To meet the needs of our customers, we plan to continuously develop the location structure. We’re also constantly expanding the offer and the list of services.

We offer the top-quality products as well as fast and professional service to our customer. “We can do it better, so we serve our clients the best we can”.

Vision and mission



We believe that success in business depends on people. Guided by this conviction, we are continually investing in our team, appreciating the quality of our suppliers and striving to preserve the loyalty of our customers. From the beginning, our top priority is customer satisfaction.



The stability of production processes is crucial. Additionally, the highest quality of raw materials is a key decisive factor. These elements are essential when it comes to long-term cooperation with our customers. The company’s strategy focuses on improvement. We aim to enhance all levels of operation. This is done in order to maintain timely distribution and speed of services. Furthermore, we strive for competitive prices and a seamless flow of information.



Because we supply our own products, we can provide our customers with stability and safety under the European and international quality standards. We are characterised by excellent supply chain management. We provide our clients with high-quality services and guarantee an exceptional quality.



With our history and well recognition in the market, this allows us to compete with others in the industry. Many years of experience in manufacturing, distribution and customer service allows us to continually expand number of our customers.


  • Our production plants with state-of-the-art equipment are available to provide services to our customers. To ensure the highest quality of our products, we continuously expand and modernise our production processes.
  • We offer large-scale warehouse centres, as well as a well-developed distribution and transport centre, guaranteeing logistics at the highest world-class level.
  • Since the beginning of the company’s operations, we have been doing our best to meet the expectations of our customers by following the changing global standards and technological trends. Thanks to this, we can offer a wide range of top-quality products.
  • Consistently striving to improve the quality, we have built a solid brand in the dairy products market. Due to the above, many customers from all over the world have already put their trust in us, and, to our satisfaction, we are constantly expanding the list of our business partners.
  • Despite our long-term experience, we set the bar higher and higher, every day striving to achieve full customer satisfaction.
  • The human factor is an important element in the production process. We constantly invest and take care of the growth of our personnel, thus ensuring satisfaction in the team and professional service to our partners.
  • We operate in accordance with the implemented quality control systems audited by certified external bodies. In addition, we own the HALAL and Kosher certificates, which proves our broad specialisation and the ability to reach various customer groups.

Information on the implementation of the tax strategy for fiscal year 2022 AGROCOMPLEX SP. Z O.O.

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Information on the implementation of the tax strategy for fiscal year 2021 AGROCOMPLEX SP. Z O.O.

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