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Where is acid casein used?

Where is acid casein used?

Acid casein powder is used in a variety of foods, including:

  • biscuits
  • processed cheese or analogue
  • diet bread
  • dietary products
  • healthcare products
  • creamers
  • cream liqueurs
  • coffee whiteners
There are several types of caseins, but acid casein is a valuable additive in nutritional applications and also has a broad range of other food applications due to its emulsifying properties and heat stability when converted in process to casein.

Nutrition supplements

Acid casein is a granular milk protein suitable for incorporation into a wide range of foods. Acid casein is produced by controlled acidification of pure, pasteurised skim milk, resulting in precipitation of casein curd. Using a continuous and hygienic process, the curd is extensively washed, then dried and ground to a consistent particle size.
Acid casein is a fine, white, highly purified milk protein powder. It is ideal for use in high nutrient value boilie mixes and pop up mixes at up to 10%. It has a protein content of approx. 85% and is partially soluble making it ideal for year-round use even in small quantities.

Usage tip

Acid casein designed for use as a high protein, amino acid rich base mix and pop up mix ingredient. Acid Casein can be used as the base of HNV boilie mixes due to its partial solubility. Combines well with rennet casein, lactalbumen or whey protein concentrate in equal measures.

Other applications

As well as being a valuable additive in nutritional applications, acid casein is also used in a huge range of industrial processes, ranging from paper and paint manufacturing to the cosmetic industry.

Usage tip

  • Good flavour
  • Completely soluble in alkali
  • Versatile and heat stable
  • Good nutritional value
  • Low fat and cholesterol levels

Customer guidance

  • This product should be stored in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.
  • As this is a pure, natural product there may be physical variations between different batches.
  • This is normal and does not affect the performance potential of the product.

Not right for everyone

Although acid casein is safe for most people to consume, certain people should avoid it. Casein allergies, Not vegan-friendly. If you have a casein allergy or are following a vegan or dairy-free diet, you should avoid products that contain acid casein.


Acid casein is a food additive and nutritional supplement derived from the milk protein. Acid casein applied for their functional and nutritional qualities in food applications. It has a very good emulsifier properties, gives texture improvement, supports water retention. It is also used in a huge range of industrial processes, ranging from paper and paint manufacturing to the cosmetic industry.

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