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What is permeate?

What is permeate?

Permeate, which is also called dairy products solids, is a high-lactose dairy ingredient produced through the removal of protein and other solids from milk or whey via physical separation techniques. Permeates have a minimum of 76 percent lactose, a maximum of 14 percent ash and typically between 2-7% protein.

Permeate composition may vary somewhat depending on the original material used. Sweet whey and milk are common starting materials for permeate production.

Whey permeate is a coproduct of the production of whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate. Good solubility and a pleasant dairy flavor make whey permeate formulator friendly.

Milk permeate is a coproduct of the production of milk protein concentrate, milk protein isolate and ultrafiltered milk manufacturing. Milk permeate has a similar composition to whey permeate, but because it is derived directly from milk and has fewer processing steps, its organoleptic profile may be different. Milk permeate is known for its clean, consistent flavor.

The addition of permeate to an application can replace more costly ingredients while maintaining flavor.

The high lactose in permeate contributes to the browning appearance and pleasant caramelized aroma of baked goods.

Benefits of permeate

Permeate provides cost-effective functional and flavor benefits to foods. Because 76-85% of permeate is lactose, the functionality of permeate is really dictated by the lactose content. The ash contains calcium, phosphorus and other valuable minerals, which will contribute to the overall mineral profile of a food product. Fat content in permeate is very low, so there is no added functionality from the fat.

Technically speaking, permeate may be used in several applications where lactose or whey are used. Permeate could be used to replace a portion of ingredients such as skim milk or whole milk powder as well, but it is cautioned that permeate will not be able to replace the functionality of the protein or fat in these ingredients. Permeate has also been used to replace other carbohydrates, reduce sodium in foods and for added nutrition in food products, as an important source of dairy minerals.

A reality of the food industry is that cost is an important factor when determining ingredient usage. The more functionality a food processor can get for the same cost, the better.

The lactose in permeate contributes to browning, is a crystallizable sugar, is less sweet than sucrose, absorbs volatile flavor compounds, attracts and absorbs synthetic and natural pigments, and has a low affinity for moisture.

Possible uses for permeate include baked goods, soups, sauces, confectionery, dry mixes, meats, dairy foods and beverages.

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