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Where is technical casein used?

Where is technical casein used?

Technical casein is intended not for the use in food by the person, and for use as technical raw materials in many industries

The various uses of industrial casein are given below:

Technical Acid Casein:

  • Adhesive (glue)
  • Paper coating
  • Paint
  • Fibre
  • Bristles
  • Films
  • Leather finish
  • Textile finish
  • Spreader for insecticide
  • Medicine (silver and mercury caseinate)
  • Rubber products
  • Flooring
  • Aluminum foil

Technical Rennet Casein:

  • Plastics (such as buckles, brush-backs, but­tons, costume jewellery, umbrella handles, etc.).
There are several types of caseins, but technical casein may not be used in foodstuffs. This product is often used as a waterproof material to provide adhesion for the adhesive surfaces.

Industrial uses of technical casein

The most frequent consumers of technical casein are chemical, light, woodworking, pulp-and-paper, perfumery, pharmaceutical, paint and varnish and even aviation industries.
Casein glue is used for gluing timber in internal woodwork, such as laminated beams and arches and in interior doors, plywood, wood particle board and in bonding of laminate to timber. Casein adhesives may also be used for bonding paper, in packaging and in foil laminating, in holding the seam of a cigarette together, in the seaming of paper bags, in the assembly of milk cartons and in securing the abrasive strip on the covers of match boxes.
In building and civil engineering, uses for casein are claimed in the preparation of bitumen emulsions, in light weight concrete, in gypsum wallboards, in the preservation and restoration of old stone buildings and as a foaming agent for de-icing equipment, roads and run ways. In agriculture and horticulture, casein has also been used in insecticide sprays (as a spreader), in fungicides (as an adhesive), as a fertilizer and in coated seeds (as an adhesive).

Other industrial applications

Technical casein is still used in high quality paper finishing and for enamel grades of paper.
The use of casein in the leather industry is confined almost entirely to the last of the finishing operations, which consist in coating leather with certain preparations and then subjecting it to mechanical operations such as glazing, plating, brushing and ironing. After finishing in this way, leather is said to have been seasoned.
Technical casein has a long history of use in paints. In general, casein is used in paints for its ability to disperse both white and coloured pigments and its power to thicken the binder. It may also be used as a protective colloid, as a film former and to improve flow and levelling properties of the paint. The paints are marketed in both powder and paste form.
One of the less well-known applications of casein is its use as a reinforcing agent and stabilizer for rubber used in motor vehicle tyres.

Not right for everyone

Сasein technical is intended not for the use in food by the person, and for use as technical raw materials in many industries.


Technical casein may not be used in foodstuffs. Technical casein is used in technical applications, for example: Label glues, resin glues, paper tubes, self leveling floor compounds, latex, and leather coverings, as well as a binder in paints and a liquifier in construction chemicals.

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