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Why should you use micellar casein?

Why should you use micellar casein?

If you’re looking for an additional protein source to boost muscle recovery and keep you feeling fuller for longer, micellar casein may be just what you’re after.

What is micellar casein?

Micellar casein is a dairy protein. Micellar casein accounts for around 80% of the protein found in milk with the remainder being whey protein. It contains a rich spread of amino acids like whey and is very high in essential amino acids which are necessary for muscle protein synthesis (muscle growth).

Micellar casein differs from other caseins/caseinates as it exists in its natural form and is more readily digested by the body.

How is micellar casein different to WPC or WPI?

Micellar casein at a glance

  • slow absorbing/digesting protein source
  • bedtime protein
  • promotes lean muscle growth
  • supports recovery
  • elicits feeling of fullness
  • delivers protein to muscles for up to 12 hours

Where micellar casein differs from a regular whey protein is its absorption rate. Micellar casein is a slow release protein powder whereas whey proteins are fast absorbing proteins.

Whey protein is very quickly absorbed by the body, in fact both WPI and WPC are rapidly absorbing proteins. In comparison, Micellar Casein can deliver amino acids to the muscles for up to 12 hours!

Slower release proteins such as Micellar Casein have shown to be both very effective at anabolism (muscle building) as well as preventing muscle wastage (catabolism).

When should I take micellar casein?

As micellar casein is slow to digest and delivers protein to muscles slowly over several hours, it’s ideally taken before bed or when frequent meals aren’t possible.

Micellar casein is known as the ‘bedtime’ protein as it’s such a popular use among athletes. The continued supply of protein to the muscles overnight helps with recovery and muscle growth and can minimise sore and achy muscles upon waking in the morning.

Because you aren’t ingesting food or protein while you sleep your muscles aren’t receiving a constant flow of amino acids to promote recovery.

By supplementing with casein before bed, you will have protein in your system throughout the night to increase protein synthesis and help stimulate muscle growth.

This makes casein great for recovery, as it is digested effectively and properly absorbed during sleep.

Is micellar casein best for me?

As micellar casein makes up most of the proteins in milk, it is safely consumed in large quantities by people every day. However, it does contain high levels of lactose, so if you are sensitive to lactose or dairy products, micellar casein may not be the best choice for you.

Why take micellar casein protein?

Micellar casein protein is perfect if you:

  • are looking for a slow digesting protein powder
  • feel achy and sore after training so hard and experience delayed onset muscle soreness
  • you feel hungry at night time and want to prevent snacking
  • you wake up feeling very hungry
  • are seeking to retain or increase lean muscle mass
  • are on a low-calorie diet as it helps maintain satiety (feelings of fullness) for longer periods of time than whey or soy protein.
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