Protein concentrates and milk powders
Where is whey protein concentrate used?

Where is whey protein concentrate used?

A versatile and complete, fast absorbing protein with all nine essential amino acids, our whey protein concentrate is ideal for:

  • Dairy products (yogurt, ice cream, cheese)
  • Ready to drink beverages
  • Instant beverages
  • High protein products
  • Sports nutrition
  • Diet products
  • Infant nutrition
  • Soups and sauces
  • Spreads and dips
  • Salad dressing
  • Frozen dinners
  • Bakery and cheesecakes
  • Dry blends
  • Wet blends
  • Prepared dry mixes

There are several types of whey concentrates, but Whey protein concentrate is a complete protein and contains all 9 essential amino acids.

Nutrition supplements

⠀⠀Whey protein concentrates are valuable ingredients for formulating infant powders, in order to obtain a nutritional composition as close as possible to that of breast milk and cover the nutritional needs of children.
⠀⠀To ensure an adequate supply of essential amino acids, whey protein concentrates are commonly used in infant nutrition, especially concentrates with 35% or 80% protein in dry matter.
⠀⠀WPC is therefore intended for use in infant formulas. It is rich in alpha-lactalbumin, which is the main protein in breast milk. Its optimal amino acid composition also means it reduces the protein content of infant formulas, particularly thanks to its high tryptophan content.

Food additive

⠀⠀Whey protein concentrates are also used for their functional properties, in dairy products, for example. Their foaming qualities make it possible to improve the texture, creaminess, and organoleptic properties of the finished product.
⠀⠀Whey concentrates provide exceptional nutritional and functional properties. Their high protein content, low fat content, easy digestibility and solubility at various pH levels make them ideal for formulating many food products. By drawing on their specific characteristics, they can be used in a targeted manner depending on the desired effects and the target population.

Other applications

⠀⠀Food and beverage manufacturers use whey protein concentrate to:

  • Increase protein levels
  • Help reduce fat and calories
  • Improve texture
  • Replace milk, cream, butter, oil, eggs and fresh dairy
  • Save money
  • Make products shelf-stable

Whey protein concentrate properties

  • Provides excellent nutritional value – quickly absorbed protein source that supports muscle building and recovery.
  • Excellent for baking – helps to bind and strengthen doughs and batters.
  • Foam forming abilities add structure and elasticity to foods, especially in foods that are fat free.

Not right for everyone

⠀⠀Although whey protein concentrate is safe for most people to consume, certain people should avoid it. Whey protein concentrate contains lactose (to varying extents, depending on degree of processing) and therefore may not be suitable for consumption by people who are lactose intolerant, nor is it suitable for people who suffer from dairy milk protein allergies. Not vegan-friendly. If you have an allergy to cow’s milk proteins or are following a vegan or dairy-free diet, you should avoid products that contain whey protein concentrate.

Whey protein concentrate is applied in different applications using their many functional properties. The WPC 35 is used as a stabilizer and fat imitator in for example ice cream, bakery, dessert and pastry products. WPC 80 is mainly used in sports nutrition and dietary products. Whey protein concentrate also stimulates the muscle protein synthesis. And because of the fast digestion it is a very popular source of protein in nutritional supplements.

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