Protein concentrates and milk powders
Where is milk permeate used?

Where is milk permeate used?

Milk permeate is used in wide range of industries:

  • industrial application in chocolate manufacturing
  • candies
  • bakery and confectionery
  • dairy based blends and ice cream
  • dairy produce standardization
  • as a filler for milk substitutes for calves
  • pigs feed

There are several types of permeates, but milk permeate may be used to standardize skim milk powder or whole milk powder.

Nutrition supplements

⠀⠀Applications of milk permeate include being used as a direct replacement of other dairy solids in many food applications, including bakery products and pizza crust dough; confectionary products; as a replacement for sucrose or corn syrups; to reduce the level of salt in formulated products; and for fermentation.
⠀⠀Milk permeate can be a source of lactose and minerals required for the development of nutritional products for the feed sector – especially for baby animals.
⠀⠀Milk permeate is used in dairy, baked goods, meats, soups, confectionery, dry mixes and beverages for various functional and nutritional benefits, such as:

  • cost-effective method for sodium reduction
  • browning of baked goods by the Maillard reaction of lactose and other reducing sugars, enhancing flavor and imparting a pleasant caramelized flavor
  • softness retention attributed to better emulsification of the fat in the formula and the increase in water-holding capacity
  • flavor and texture in soups
  • removal of sweetness while providing crystallization characteristics in confectionery

Food additive

⠀⠀When baking or creating other popular confections, milk permeate is the best choice for substituting skim milk powders, lactose, or whey powder. In most applications, milk permeate can be used in place of sweet whey powder at a ratio of roughly one-to-one. Milk permeate offers comparable browning attributes while also maintaining better flavor profiles when compared to whey powder and, typically, carries a lower cost.

Other applications

⠀⠀The versatility of Milk permeate is virtually limitless. Milk permeate is useful in dairy products such as dairy-based blends, cultured dairy products, frozen sweets and desserts like ice cream or other frozen novelty ice creams, as well as baking and confections. This product can also be used as a replacement for maltodextrin, as a filler in nutritional products, and in the standardization of dairy blends and skim milk powder.

Not right for everyone

⠀⠀Although milk permeate is safe for most people to consume, certain people should avoid it. milk permeate isn’t appropriate for peeps with an allergy to cow’s milk proteins like casein and whey. Milk permeate is a high lactose dairy ingredient, it can’t be used by people who are lactose intolerant. Not vegan-friendly. If you have an allergy to cow’s milk proteins or are following a vegan or dairy-free diet, you should avoid products that contain milk permeate.

Milk permeate is a by-product of the milk protein concentrate or the milk protein isolate production process, formed after ultrafiltration of milk to extract protein and fat. Milk permeate is a high lactose dairy ingredient. It consists of lactose (milk sugar), vitamins and minerals.

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