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Where is calcium caseinate used?

Where is calcium caseinate used?

Calcium caseinate powder is used in a variety of foods, including:

  • bread
  • biscuits, cakes
  • food bars
  • candy
  • ice cream, yogurt
  • margarine
  • cheese
  • dietary products
  • infant nutrition
  • clinical nutrition
  • sport nutrition

There are several types of caseinates, but calcium caseinate is usually preferred because it’s completely dispensable in water and acclaimed for rich quality, purity and longer shelf life.

Nutrition supplements

⠀⠀Calcium caseinate is an excellent emulsion thickening agent commonly used in the food industry to improve the retention of fat in foods and water, prevent syneresis, and contribute to the uniform distribution of the various ingredients in food processing, so as to further improve food texture and taste. It is widely used in almost all of the food industry.
⠀⠀It is with bland taste and odourless product widely acclaimed for its rich protein content and effective usage. It is widely used for preparing various food and pharmaceutical products. Applications: pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food.

Food additive

⠀⠀Calcium is one of the most important minerals in the human body. It has its function in a good working metabolism of our cells and is also involved in kidney functions, the activation of certain enzymes and in blood coagulation. But Calcium is also very important for bone growth and maintenance.
⠀⠀Calcium caseinate is robust protein fortifier with excellent flavour stability, making it suitable for use in flavour sensitive formulations.
⠀⠀The calcium caseinate is applied in clinical-, sports- and infant- nutrition as well as in dietetics.

Other applications

⠀⠀Calcium Caseinate is widely used as nutritional suppliments, thickener, emulsifier and texture stabilizer in food production. It is also widely used as intermediate in pharmaceutical.

Not right for everyone

⠀⠀Although calcium caseinate is safe for most people to consume, certain people should avoid it. Casein allergies, Not vegan-friendly. If you have a casein allergy or are following a vegan or dairy-free diet, you should avoid products that contain calcium caseinate.

Calcium caseinate is a protein derived from the casein in milk. It is used in cheese, bread, yogurt, nutritional drinks and other foods. Calcium Caseinate is a protein that can also be used as dietary supplement for bodybuilders and other athletes. Calcium caseinate is widely used as nutritional supplements in food production, beverage, pharmaceutical, and various other industries.

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