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Whey concentrate (WPC) vs whey isolate (WPI) – what’s the difference?

Whey concentrate (WPC) vs whey isolate (WPI) - what's the difference?

What is whey protein powder?

Whey protein powder is a highly refined source of the protein nutrient found in cows milk, in a powdered form.

Milk is made up of various nutrients including water, vitamins, carbohydrates and two proteins: 80% being casein and 20% being whey.

How whey is made?

Whey is a by-product from the dairy industry. During the processing of milk for making cheese, whey is separated from the casein (the curds) as a result of an enzymatic reaction. The remaining liquid is heated using a process called pasturisation.

Liquid whey is then refined by filtration processes to create a concentrated, high protein liquid (hence the term whey protein concentrate).

Generally two types of filtration processes occur, low temperature (60°) and high temperature (130°). Low temperature is regarded as the preferred and superior process as it protects and maintains the nutritional integrity of the whey more so than high temperature

The difference between a whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate is that WPI undergoes an extra filtration process in liquid form. This is referred too as’ micro-filtration’ where pushing the liquid whey through a series of very small filters removes practically all of the fat and carbohydrate properties, while 'isolating’ the protein nutrient.

The result is an ultra-refined whey isolate with lower fat, carbs, lactose and a slightly higher protein profile than its whey concentrate counterpart – this extra filtration process also accounts for the typical cost difference between whey concentrate and whey isolate..

Whey protein is the dominant form of protein supplement because it contains all the branch chain amino acids necessary to fuel your muscles. It is a fast absorbing and easily digested protein, great for muscle growth and recovery.

Compared to whole food protein sources, whey protein provides a much higher concentration of protein and essentials amino-acids. Whey protein powder offers very good value. Easy to mix with any food on the go it is also extremely convenient of use.

WPC or WPI. What’s the difference?

Agrocomplex Sp. z o.o. offers two options in the whey protein range:

WPI and WPC goes through the same initial process and both whey concentrate and whey isolate are of premium quality and packed with all essential amino-acids.

WPC or WPI, which one is right for me?

Again, both WPC and WPI will help you achieve and maintain health and wellness goals. The amount of fat and sugars that remain in whey protein concentrates are very minimal and lactose acts is a helpful immune regulator.

Experience tells us that WPI is the preferred option for competitive athletes and people with strict dietary targets or requirements – such as lactose-intolerant.

An example for the health committed may include protein isolate for consumption directly after a workout or training session when protein nutrients are the most effective, and a protein concentrate for all other consumption throughout the day to increase protein intake.

WPC recommend use throughout the day to fill you up and decrease hunger.

Benefits WPC:

  • boost immunity
  • support weight loss efforts
  • better intestinal health
  • assists with weight loss and maintenance
  • promote muscle growth and strength

WPI recommend use immediately post-workout for improved muscle recovery.

Benefits WPI:

  • improved muscle recovery
  • help build lean muscle
  • better intestinal health
  • asssits with weight loss and maintenance
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