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Applications and uses of permeates

Applications and uses of permeates

Milk and whey permeates is used in wide range of food industries.

Baked goods

Permeate contributes to browning of baked goods by the Maillard reaction of lactose and other reducing sugars present (combined with available protein) in a formulation, which provides color when heated. Browning not only enhances appearance but also imparts a pleasant caramelized flavor. Retaining moisture is an added benefit in baked goods. Lactose content in dough can also produce breads, muffins, cakes and cookies. that retain their softness for a longer period of time and extends shelf life. This softness has been attributed to better emulsification of the fat in the formula and the increase in water-holding capacity.

Soups and sauces

In addition to reducing sodium, permeate can enhance flavor and contribute to the body/texture of a product for soup and sauce makers. Use in dairy-based soups or sauces is a natural fit for permeate. It will help contribute to the dairy-based flavors, texture and creamy appearance already present in these applications. Permeate can also be used in tomato-based soups and sauces to enhance flavor and balance the acidity present in these products.


Icings, coatings and non-chocolate candies can use permeate to reduce sweetness, while providing important crystallization characteristics. In caramel type products, permeate can help develop sweet, browned flavors and color. It is recommended to watch the amount of permeate added to a caramel due to the high lactose content. Lactose has a limited solubility and at higher than optimum levels, will crystallize in a product like caramel, once it is cooled, creating a gritty texture. It is also important to remember that other dairy ingredients such as condensed skim milk or sweetened condensed milk used in caramel manufacture also contain high levels of lactose and the total lactose content should be determined to calculate the addition of permeate.

Dry mixes

Seasoning mixes, macaroni and cheese mixes, noodle mixes, and seasoning blends for salty snacks could use permeate to help deliver a clean dairy flavor and reduction of sodium for these savory applications. Permeate is a good carrier for seasonings and dry flavors and helps to disperse them uniformly throughout a snack or prepared dish.


In addition to reducing the sodium in meats, permeate can enhance browning and protect color, mask bitter flavors and improve structure formation. The lactose in permeate provides an effective starter culture carbohydrate for the preparation of fermented sausages and cooked hams.

Dairy foods

Applications such as dips, cheese sauces, process cheese food and ice cream could also include permeate, as long as usage falls within the standards of identity. Permeate can be a good source of dairy solids and can provide a clean flavor. A cheese sauce or ice cream are other applications were the solubility of lactose becomes important.


Milk permeate has been used as an ingredient in beverage applications. Either milk or whey permeate can be used in a dry mix or ready to drink beverage. Both ingredients will contribute to the nutritional content of the beverage because of their lactose and naturally occurring minerals like sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Many beverages are fortified with vitamins and minerals and using permeate allows a developer to add these minerals from a dairy source and not rely on chemical sources. It is possible to make a dairy-based isotonic drink using permeate which provides the important electrolytes, sodium and potassium, to help re-hydrate the body and lactose to provide a carbohydrate source for energy.

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