Protein concentrates and milk powders
Application of lactose

Application of lactose

Lactose serves an important function in manufactured foods and pharmaceuticals, including:

  • bakery
  • confectionery
  • snack
  • frozen desserts
  • diabetic
  • infant formula
  • baby foods
  • jams and preserves
  • sweeteners
  • instantized powders
  • meat products
  • savory mixes
  • soups and sauces
  • beer production

Lactose is a useful source of dietary energy and can play an important role in calcium absorption. It has a clean taste and can increase solids content, viscosity and improve textural qualities in a range of products without making them too sweet. Vegetarian, Kosher and Halal approved, this ingredient is available as a coarse or fine high-quality powder.

Nutrition supplements

⠀⠀Lactose serves an important function in manufactured foods and pharmaceuticals. It is commonly used as an ingredient in foods such as infant formula, breadstuffs, cereals, processed meats and meat substitutes, protein, and nutritional supplements. In milk powders, for example, lactose is used for protein standardisation.
⠀⠀Lactose is an ideal carbohydrate for use in the manufacture of infant formula, where the composition of the final product is subject to detailed control. Food safety and powder quality are top priorities when choosing the right lactose for a variety of food products and lactose derivatives. With our lactose range, we aim to meet your demands for specific applications.
⠀⠀In chocolate, lactose brings a soft taste and cohesive texture as it improves chocolate crystallisation. Our lactose perfectly meets chocolate application requirements.

Food additive

⠀⠀Lactose is used in several facets of food processing. Edible lactose that’s used in food processing is also mostly produced from whey.
⠀⠀It’s used in seasonings and baked goods due to its ability to carry colors and flavors well. It’s also added to foods and edibles like ice cream, skim milk, condensed milk, dry soups, coffee creamers, chocolate and candies, meat products, and canned fruit and vegetables.
⠀⠀When added to food, lactose may reduce cost and regulate sweetness.

Other applications

⠀⠀Lactose is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry in the preparation and manufacturing of drugs. Pharmaceutical-grade lactose is produced from whey – the liquid that’s left after milk has been curdled and strained during the making of cheese.
⠀⠀In most of its applications, lactose is used as an excipient (inactive ingredient). Its primary purpose is to aid the delivery of the active ingredient in the body. It’s mostly used in tablets, capsules, and dry powder inhalers.
⠀⠀Some of the characteristics of lactose that make it work well for these purposes are its blandness, chemical and physical stability, easy availability, compatibility with active ingredients, and ability to dissolve in water.

Lactose features

  • Manufactured from fresh sweet whey
  • Natural source of carbohydrates and energy
  • White to slightly yellowish, with natural vitamin B2 content
  • Consistently mild sweet flavor
  • Less sweet than sucrose for applications in sweet and savory products
  • Different milling degrees allow choice offlowability and solubility

Not right for everyone

⠀⠀Although lactose is safe for most people to consume, certain people should avoid it. Lactose intolerance. Lactose maldigestion. Not vegan-friendly. If you have a lactose intolerance or are following a vegan or dairy-free diet, you should avoid products that contain lactose.

Lactose is a natural sugar that’s found in milk. It is a carbohydrate and it is made up of two sugars: glucose and galactose. Lactose is an important source of energy for babies, and it is also commonly used in food processing and pharmaceutical drug manufacturing. Its natural delicate taste and low calories make lactose one of the greatest dairy ingredients for pharmaceutical, nutritional, food or feed applications.

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