Company Profile

We specialise in the production and sales of dry dairy products, in particular caseinates, casein, powdered whey, powdered milk and milk mixtures. Our own production facilities enable us to provide our customers with stable and high quality of the offered products. We supply enterprises of the food, technical and feed sectors, and are always caring about the high standard and reliability of service.

We proud of our always improve our manufacturing plants. Continuous marked research enables as introduce modern technologies, and the highest standards of environmental of protection and maintain the highest standards of quality.

Our company serves customers with qualified personnel. We have extensive logistics and distribution center. In order to better cooperation we have opened offices in USA and Asia.

To meet the needs of our customers we plan to keep develop the location structure. We also are contently expending list of offers and services.

For our customers we offer the highest products and also fast and professional service. “We can make it better so we serve our customer at best”.

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