1989-establishment of Agrocomplex Sp. z o.o.
1991-expansion to the Commonwealth of Independent States market
1992-directing the activity to West European countries
1998-commissioning a casein production and refining plant
2000-commissioning a caseinates production plant
2003-Agrocomplex expands its scope of activity by North American countries (USA, Canada, Mexico)
2004-opening an Agrocomplex agency in USA
2007-development of an international transport division – scope of activity: East and West  Europe                  (www.agrotransport.pl)
2008-establishment of a logistics centre in Wyszków
2009-beginning of processing technical casein
2010-expanding the logistics facilities in Wyszków. The company puts over 2,000m2 of storage space at the                  customers’ disposal.
2010-expansion of warehouse and distribution structure in the USA
2011-opening an office in Thailand and expansion on the Asian market
2012-the technical casein production plant is relocated to Wyszków
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